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Raising Capital Simplified - Full Service

Fund managers and business owners can leverage technology to raise funds directly on their own digital properties instead of having to be confined to a marketplace of an investing platform. Below we list a few options for anyone to create their own fund raising and investing portal.

  • Raising Funds through:
    • Regulation D 506 B, 506 C, and A+
    • Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)s
  • Online Income and Net Worth Verification - Complete and sign your income and net worth verification online with automatic calculation of investment limits based on your answers.
  • Automated Tracking and Tagging of Associate Persons and Promoters - Require Disclosure upon registration and limit or tag what associated parties and promoters post on the Funding Portal.
  • Automatic Tracking of Prior Regulation CF Investments - Prior investments on the Funding Portal are tracked automatically.
  • online escrow with online payment
  • online document signing and offers a smooth online investing experience
  • investor dashboards with document management and earnings reports for post-sale management.



Wealthforge specializes in simplifying the fund raising process with their invest button. 

  • Risk Management - Instantly access extensive expertise to help manage the regulatory risk of private placement transactions. As a SEC and FINRA registered firm, we can provide the services needed to maintain full compliance throughout the transaction process including deal and investor due diligence, background checks, flow of funds and more.
  • Standardized Process - the latest in fully compliant transaction processing workflow, ensuring each step is completed as efficiently as possible. Their standards not only meet FINRA and SEC requirements, but also provide the transparency that issuers, intermediaries and investors demand.
  • Automated technology - Take advantage of cutting-edge transaction processing technology to provide the speed and simplicity that investors desire. Convenient dashboards allow you to organize information, keep track of documents and more. Know exactly what's going on with your latest capital raise by accessing the latest information from anywhere, anytime.

Wealthforge came in 3rd place in the UBS Future Finance Competition



Wefunder offers a white label option for creating your own equity funding portal deferring costs and then asking for a 30% cut.





Seedinvest focuses on their marketplace now, but they had offered to white labeled their technology for a few select partners. We are aware of Dave Mcclure of 500 Startups being one of the first to take advantage of this. Though we are not sure if there is still a relationship as there is no longer mention on the 500 Startups site of Seedinvest. They do not publicize this and have diverted their attention away from this offering.


Build Piece by Piece - Individual Services

All of the above options operate as full service, which include accredited investor verification and other paperwork to help with compliance. If you are looking to build something piece by piece we also have info on the individual services see below:

Accredited Investor Verification

Valuation - determining price of offering


Contact us for more information on any of these