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Raise Money for your Startup or Fund

Looking to raise money for a business or fund? The below platforms can help you identify a lead investor, handle compliance, and spread the word of your offering. Data, ratings, fees, and reviews to help you select the right platform.
The below platforms cater to both Accredited and non Accredited investors as issuers of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) offerings.

Platform Entrepreneur Cost, Monthly Fee Sort ascending Non Accredited Investors can Access
SeedInvest one time fee up to $10,000 in due diligence, escrow, marketing and legal. This is reimbursed when the round is closed. 7.5% of successful round Yes
GrowthFountain fixed $10 flat and no set % Yes
Republic between $6,000 and $12,000 to run a campaign Yes
Propel(x) 8% success fee for less than 200k raised and 5% if you raise more No
CrowdfundMainstreet 6.5% or lower Yes
Fundopolis 6% of which $2,000 up front Yes
MainVest 6% Yes
AgFunder 5% transaction fee for first $5million. No
MrCrowd 5% + services Yes
StartEngine 5% Yes
NetCapital 4.9% Yes
SMBX 3.5% service fee closed round Yes
Silicon Prairie Online 3-7% of total raise, plus $1000 upfront Yes
FundersClub 0$ No
OurCrowd 0 No
FastTrack VC 0 No
MicroVentures $99 application fee, $250 due diligence fee, 5% of what you raise Yes
CoinList $20,000 base fee + per investor charges (starting price) Yes
EquityNet $199 Yes
Fundable $179 No
Gust $125/month entry price No
AngelList $0 No
Wefunder $0 Yes
Mercury iFunds No
WR Hambrecht + Co No
CircleUp No
NextSeed Yes
Fundanna Yes
TruCrowd Yes
Wunderfund Yes
Honeycomb Yes
Peer Street No
Billfolda Yes
Buy the Block Yes
LetsLaunch Yes
Small Change Yes
FlashFunders Yes
Issuance Yes
Title3Funds Yes
Equityfor No