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Target Investment:
Secondary Equity
Minimum Investment:
Open to :
Only Accredited Investors
Broker Dealer:

Forge Securities LLC

Platform Status:
Investing Portal Details:

Equity for late-stage, private growth companies. Forge Global provides liquidity for entrepreneurs and startup employees. If you want to invest before the IPO as an accredited investor this Forge is a great resource.  Historically it was challenging for entrepreneurs to sell some of their equity before acquisition or public offering, but this team has helped change that. They have worked with regulators to improve liquidity in private capital markets. The platform helps investors and shareholders navigate the often-opaque waters of growing private equity markets and successfully execute transactions.

Leadership & History

Sharespost was acquired by Forge for $160 Million in May 2020. Sharespost was founded in 2009 as a leader and innovator in private securities investments. Greg Brogger was the founder and president of SharesPost. He was on the Board of Directors of Forge until March 2022 it appears. 

Greg Brogger



Forge Global 

Sohail Prasad's was the original founder and CEO of Forge. His company's original name was
Sohail Prasad
Kelly Rodriques is the current CEO. 
Kelly Rodriguez


Once you have created an account as an accredited investor you can view available live offerings to invest.  

Forge Global Screenshot

There are also a number of companies that are not actively raising, to which Forge offers assistance brokering a transaction. As an example I look at the company 6k that did their last round in May 2022 that was led by Koch Strategy Partners. They are not actively raising now, but Forge has a price and valuation to help guide what may be available and possible. 

Indicate interest in 6k

I have yet to place an investment through the platform myself, but aspire to grow my angel portfolio to include later stage companies, equity transactions, sourced with their help. 

The other non-accredited equity funding platforms we cover post their offerings publicly so we have the list of companies raising and the industries they come from. This is not the case for Forge as they require a login.  

Industries Covered

Offerings from the same Platform