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Individual Investor Types Accredited & Non Accredited

As an individual investor one fits into one of 2 major categories. We believe in equal opportunity, but there are different rules for each.


SEC wealth standards met

Accredited Investor

Non Accredited, Unaccredited Investors

92% of USA population (unsure start here)

Unaccredited or non accredited investor climb



Invest in Startup Companies

Retail Investing Crowd Investing in individual companies through funding platforms like the ones we cover provides direct access to investing in firms equity and debt.

We offer a search solution to find startup investments across each platform.

We keep track of the costs of using each platform.


Invest in or Create Funds

Investing in startup focused funds ideally lowers risk due to diversification and new tools have allowed individual investors to building startup funds or syndicates which are driving costs down and improving access. Learn more >

Alternative Investors: Learn More

Articles, research, educational resources on financial technology solutions.

Market Insight and Data Visualization providers

Improve your investment decision with real-time market analysis. The latest artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics solutions to understand trends, sector performance, etc.

Cryptocurrency Pricing on Mar 1, 2024

Name Symbol Price Change 1hr Change 24hrs Change 7Days Market Cap (USD)
Bitcoin BTC $62,435.34 0.55744383 2.40009858 22.93430852 $1,226,372,543,472.37
Ethereum ETH $3,446.54 0.25408966 2.3648833 17.72219055 $414,063,206,194.28
Tether USDt USDT $1.00 0.02001418 0.07925409 0.12807367 $99,285,025,241.62
BNB BNB $410.42 0.23451873 1.35492657 9.05333425 $61,374,324,099.71
Solana SOL $130.03 0.40072171 -3.80652225 30.40200561 $57,579,585,861.13
XRP XRP $0.63 0.72462549 7.37717891 18.17988709 $34,616,147,746.98
USDC USDC $1.00 -0.00789635 0.0082867 0.01244631 $29,022,708,345.54
Cardano ADA $0.76 0.45477405 12.83561589 32.60356746 $26,939,871,012.83
Dogecoin DOGE $0.14 1.06152995 18.78743927 67.27884337 $20,361,070,430.16
Avalanche AVAX $43.34 -0.05651281 1.86453743 21.45300551 $16,350,889,086.14