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Friends and Family

Other ways non accredited investors gained access to these investments were if they were Securities and Exchange Commission friends and family of the team raising capital which allows for a limited set of unaccredited investors.  If you qualify as a friend or family member of an entrepreneur you can invest in their company. There is a limit on the entrepreneur to only allowing 35 non-accredited investors. Massachussets limits this to only 10. New York, Massachusetts, and California have a blue sky law that does not require the founder to file expensive legal paperwork, while other states this is a requirement for the firm raising.


Each platforms requires a minimum amount to invest. With the rise of access to non accredited investor access has come a drop in the minimum to allow investment with as little as $100.


How much am I allowed to invest?

An Accredited Investor has no limits. If you are not accredited, the amount you may invest each year in startup private equity offerings, will be between 5% and 10% of your income.  In order to understand the amount you can investment there are a few steps. One choose either your net income or net worth,  whichever is higher. If the higher number is over $100,000, you are allowed to invest 10% of it each year. If it below $100k you only invest 5%. For instance, if your income is $82,000 and your net worth $120,000, you'd be legally allowed to invest $12,000 per year in startups. We suggest consulting with a lawyer to ensure you are complying with the law.

Trading and Cashing Out

There are several places one can go to sell or trade their shares. This is harder to do than public markets, but it is possible. Several platforms like Sharespost focus on helping you trade private equity in secondary and direct offerings.

Funds Allowing Non-Accredited Investors

Market Insight and Data Visualization providers

Solutions for real time market analysis to improve your investment decisions leveraging artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics. Understand trends, sector and geographic performance for Private Equity, VC.

Cryptocurrency Pricing on 2021-12-04

Name Symbol Price Change 1hr Change 24hrs Change 7Days Market Cap (USD)
Bitcoin BTC $47,629.31 0.76141198 -16.3632201 -12.4536967 $899,750,078,690.64
Ethereum ETH $3,906.68 2.90761807 -14.75040916 -4.8954181 $463,327,082,711.26
Binance Coin BNB $539.74 1.67797808 -12.92383468 -8.6643587 $90,028,728,461.67
Tether USDT $1.00 -0.04972918 -0.00543086 -0.0428757 $74,211,386,477.20
Solana SOL $191.76 3.05824351 -18.41203418 -1.43537143 $58,609,544,993.38
Cardano ADA $1.33 2.9341044 -20.33984555 -14.13701639 $44,175,894,230.25
USD Coin USDC $1.00 -0.20601259 -0.1941907 -0.21897621 $38,959,300,834.61
XRP XRP $0.72 -0.01232849 -26.58395316 -24.31966347 $34,024,295,232.71
Polkadot DOT $27.77 -0.64247395 -22.74711195 -20.21027436 $27,426,638,074.23
Avalanche AVAX $93.16 4.5348718 -14.64121985 -13.28125481 $22,608,502,176.26