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  • Wealth Managers
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  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS)
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Financial Advisors


  • Portfolio Selection
  • Alternative Financial Investments
  • Gain insights ahead of competitors
  • Innovative Assets
  • Build new Client Demand

Finding the right Investing Portal

Data and insights on alternative investing platforms to help you select where to invest based upon if you are not accredited, deal flow, returns, fees, reviews, and independent analysis. Access growth investments in alternatives like startup equity and crypto at lower costs.

Diversification: Innovative Funds

Investing at early stages is risky so diversification can be achieved with a fund. We review fees and strategies of venture, angel, and crypto fund managers noted for leveraging innovative technology solutions and showcase performance of these funds with our analytics partners.

Analyze Returns and Performance

Covering a range of investing reports working with a number of different partners like KPMG and PWC…
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Latest Update April 2020: UK based team building global reports on alternative finance. The Judge…
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US and global investing trends compared to Israel based OurCrowd portal Free Download 2015 Report
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Startup Investing Articles

Research, stories, and educational resources: financial technology solutions.

Market Insight and Data Visualization providers

Improve your investment decision with real-time market analysis. The latest artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics solutions to understand trends, sector performance, etc.

Discover, prospect, and track the world’s fastest-growing companies and investors. Search More
DATA-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS FOR VENTURE CAPITAL Ipreo provides streamlined data from portfolio More
Private company sourcing for the world’s top private equity firms. DataFox Deal Engine More
Productivity Booster for Your Public Stock Research Excel based software that makes it More

Cryptocurrency Pricing on May 16, 2024

Name Symbol Price Change 1hr Change 24hrs Change 7Days Market Cap (USD)
Bitcoin BTC $65,231.85 0.02142189 -1.25309732 3.84412877 $1,285,022,735,517.03
Ethereum ETH $2,945.27 0.118295 -2.2394807 -2.88379476 $353,781,148,232.91
Tether USDt USDT $1.00 -0.01536797 -0.01426691 0.01534565 $111,214,196,788.75
BNB BNB $569.84 -0.02857861 -2.23594977 -4.23493203 $84,100,873,422.14
Solana SOL $161.06 0.14889727 -0.05322857 5.17968108 $72,286,885,417.41
USDC USDC $1.00 -0.01027142 0.00199081 -0.0019762 $33,320,681,898.67
XRP XRP $0.51 0.07984196 -0.72050128 -0.52125568 $28,463,929,792.82
Toncoin TON $6.69 -0.0135197 -4.26675905 5.95718801 $23,241,610,261.34
Dogecoin DOGE $0.15 -0.44718821 -3.33857394 -0.39222519 $21,640,484,892.79
Cardano ADA $0.46 0.35326281 0.42707108 -1.26927333 $16,353,035,140.47