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Investment Portfolio Diversification

Changing regulations are creating access for all to invest in previously "private" securities. Complexity in early stage equity offerings create a need to keep track of the dynamic nature of the investment. This need grows as the number of investments made increases. We showcase a few comprehensive portfolio management offerings specific for early stage angel and equity portal investing. These solutions spans across traditional and retirement portfolios. To name a few they cover direct Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP).

If you are looking to maximize returns with diversification by creating a portfolio of investments these offerings can help. Manage, track, and build your portfolio:

Portfolio Composition

U.S Trust identifies an average accredited, high net worth, investor to allocate 6% of their portfolio to alternative assets. While an average millennial allocates 13% to alternative investments. The survey goes on to break out the average allocation and interest within the alternative asset class. Of those survey 30% believe that, "More money can be made by investing in the private market than in the public markets.“

Average high net work asset allocation of portfolio in alternatives

Average Millennial Alternative Investment selection

Allocation and interest within Alternative Asset Class





Venture Wallet

Venture Wallet Logo

An early version of a portfolio management solution built for equity crowdfunding. Sort based on any criteria, review your deal notes, and track valuations. Get insights into your portfolio's industry exposure, track your progress against investor limits, and more. Track investments from initial discovery through due diligence and investment commitment. Take notes at each stage to refine your screening process.

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Angel - Seed

Seraf Investor

Seraf Investor Portfolio Management for early stage investors.  Seraf Investor was built by Co-Founders Ham Lord & Christopher Mirabile Co-Managing Directors of Launchpad Venture Group. 

Seraf Investor screenshot

Simplify portfolio performance and personal finance with this solution. Christopher is the Emeritus Chair of the Angel Capital Association. This makes the pair incredibly well suited to tackle the problem angel investors, and early stage investment managers face with managing their portfolio. 

As an angel investors portfolio grows so do investor reports, follow-ons, note conversions, warrants, and tax deadlines. For investors who believe in modern portfolio theory and look to increase diversification into a growing set of companies, so too do they outgrow basic tools like spreadsheets and email folders. Seraf looks to be that resource.

Monitor your investments, centralized and hassle free

Pricing starts at $25/month


Venture Capital



Manage your cap table, issue securities, get 409A valuations & stay compliant with Carta. Save Time & Money. Trusted by 10,000 companies and 600,000 stakeholders. Issue Securities, Equity Management, Tender Offers,

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Issue stock today and manage all your equity in one place without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork. Join the platform trusted by over 10,000 companies, investors, and lawyers.

Pricing starts with a free offering, followed by the $3/Month tier



Addepar logoAddepar was founded in 2009 and offers investors and advisors a way to quickly and accurately get a snapshot of their holdings, while funds and fund administrators can seamlessly tailor their analysis and reporting. They offer one of the most robust offerings. Addepar was founded by two former employees of Palantir Technologies, a firm that helps military and intelligence agencies sort through complex data.

Investing Platforms

The startup equity investing platforms we cover have started to offer their own services for portfolio management if you concentrate most of your assets in one portal.

AngelList has created an offering for professional investors to work with personal representatives at AngelList. They are targeting family offices, institutions and active investors.    Number of Deals:10-30/Month                     Minimum:   $500K/Year



We encourage self empowerment with the solutions we cover at Fund Wisdom, but if you don't think you can do it yourself there are emerging advisors specializing in this space. The portfolio solutions we cover above can provide you all the help needed to successfully manage your own portfolio, but we recognize some prefer to work with a professional registered with FINRA and compliant with SEC rules. In case further help is needed we can help match you to Registered Investment Advisor who specialize in Venture and Startup. Learn more about getting help investing in newly formed companies with advisors here, and tax advantaged accounts, or legal and accounting specialists.


Market Insight and Data Visualization providers

Improve your investment decision with real-time market analysis. The latest artificial intelligence, data visualization, machine learning, financial modeling, and predictive analytics solutions to understand trends, sector performance, etc.

DATA-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS FOR VENTURE CAPITAL Ipreo provides streamlined data from portfolio More
Productivity Booster for Your Public Stock Research Excel based software that makes it More
Focused on companies registered in the 22 European countries. DueDil is an online tool More
HockeyStick offers a database for private equity data into with an assumed vetting process More