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Howard Marks

Equity crypto token offering platform. They seek to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by democratizing access to capital. Founded in 2014 by CEO Howard Marks and Ron Miller Chairman (prev CEO).


As stated on their website of Nov 2023

StartEngine vs WeFunder vs Republic

Features for Founders

  • Monthly Demo Days

Features for Investors

  • Investor Dashboard: to easily track investments.
  • Dedicated support team
  • Monthly Demo Days: opportunity for users and anyone else to hear pitches from and ask questions directly of companies raising.

Valuation and Self Financing

In 2022 to 2023 they raised $24,791,700 from 12,065 investors, at a stated valuation of $1.32B

Previous Reg A+ and Reg CF offerings totaled $59,000,000 prior to that latest round. This includes offerings conducted on other platforms and on different terms from the current offering. 

In June 2018, StartEngine closed its first Reg A+ round, raising nearly $5 Million from 3,425 investors for itself.

External Reviews

YieldTalk Outstanding

The Team at Yieldtalk has them listed at 4/5 stars

Due Diligence:

Minimum required checks by regulators like background checks.

Industries Covered

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