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2024 Analysis, Comparisons, Pros & Cons


Target Investment:
Equity & Crypto
Minimum Investment:
Open to :
Non Accredited Investors
Fees - Investor Cost:


Entrepreneur Cost:

between $6,000 and $12,000 to run a campaign

Platform Status:
Investing Portal Details:

Fast growing Equity, Crypto, real estate, debt investment portal continually acquiring and diversifying offerings. On the equity side they had started with a focus on non-accredited investors.

Brands Acquired

March 2019 RengenLabs, June 2019 Sheworx, April 2020 Fig, June 2020 Compound, November 2020 Nextseed.


Republic Crypto

The Republic platform offers a full-stack solution in the crypto space. They run thorough diligence on Republic on crypto offerings with high standards of KYC, AML and on the quality of each project.

Offering the below:

Crypto details

Video Games

April 17, 2020 Republic acquired Fig to serve the video gaming industry. They published details of the acquisition in a press release in which they state, "Since 2015, investors on Fig have successfully funded more than 40 games, and have been paid out an impressive $6,400,000 so far. Returns on individual investments have reached as high as 565%"

Team & History

Kendrick Nguyen, Republic's co-founder and CEO, previously served as the head of legal counsel at AngelList. They have Naval Ravikant and others from AngelList acting as advisors.

External Reviews

The Team at CrowdWise built a video to review and walk through Republic and a few others.

Due Diligence:

Less than 5% acceptance rate. They review the pitch deck, conduct screening calls, and complete independent research.

Entrepreneur Requirements:

Nguyen says that in most cases, companies on Republic will need to raise at least $50,0000.

Industries Covered

Offerings from the same Platform

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