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Target Investment:
Accredited Equity
Minimum Investment:
Open to :
Only Accredited Investors
Fees - Investor Cost:

20% carry on 5x 25% beyond 5x returns, 2% management/year, 4% fee reserve

Entrepreneur Cost:


Platform Status:
Investing Portal Details:

OurCrowd Screenshot Feb 2022

Startup Equity with HQ in Israel. Invest in pre-vetted startups and exclusive venture funds. Build a diversified portfolio alongside trusted VC funds and angel investors. Founded by Jon Medved in 2013.


From the website as of February 2022:

  • 56 Exits
  • $1.8B   Committed Funds
  • 320 Portfolio Companies
  • 35 Venture Funds
  • 16,000 Companies Vetted
  • 180,000 Registered Investors

Portfolio Management & Network

Strengthens your portfolio with post-investment support from their community of 39,000 registered investors. They have built a corporate innovation program for multinational companies to support, collaborate and invest in startups. Members play a positive role in the development of startups, across stages and sectors - from sourcing and funding, to collaborating post-investment on strategic partnerships.

Deal terms

OurCrowd actively helps with negotiation and preparation of deal terms.


Management Fees: 2% annually for four years (capped)
Administration Fees: One time, 4% (capped until exit) for direct reimbursement of SPV’s expenses with a draw down as expenses are incurred.
Carried Interest: 20% on profits up to 5x of the amount invested. If > 5x then jumps to 25%

more info on fees.


Invests capital and invites investor community at same terms

Due Diligence:

1-2% of companies make it through the reviews & selection process.

Industries Covered

Offerings from the same Platform

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