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Non Accredited Investors
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MainVest is a licensed Funding Portal that offers investments for Debt Crowdfunding, focused on Brick and Mortar businesses. They offer revenue sharing notes as the primary asset type. The team is headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts.


Mainvest offers flat fees, commissions based on the amount of money they raise, as 2 of the primary drivers of revenue. They offer services. For each offering you invest in, they will disclose their compensation.

They may get paid in the notes being offered and will never own any financial interest in Issuers listed on the Funding Portal other than Securities they receive from them as compensation.

After an offering is complete, they may engage in an ongoing relationship with the Issuer.


Nick Mathews

Nick Mathews


Due Diligence:

They note they conduct background checks on the issuer and its principals, and ensure a reasonable basis for believing the issuer is complying with all of its obligations. This appears to be the minimum due diligence required of similar offering portals.

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