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CrowdfundX was a FinTech marketing firm that markets digital securities offerings and Reg A+ IPOs that was Acquired by Issuance. CrowdfundX provided clients with the tools and resources necessary to execute successful and compliant offerings. They offered reduced cost and complexity of attracting institutional and retail investors. Previously at

According to, "fees include $150,000 to $250,000 and stock for contracts that run four to five months." and to CrowdfundExpert, "fees range from $10K for a pure Advisory engagement to $150K for a full-service engagement, on average." They attracted Kodak and (OSTK) via their initial coin offering (ICO) service. Overstock introduced its cryptocurrency, called tZERO and Kodak with KODAKOne. 

Issuance is a private placement and capital formation platform for digital securities that completed the acquisition. Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance stated in their press release, "Our mission at Issuance is to usher in a new era of efficient capital raising, one which blends blockchain technology with traditional financial services and solutions." 

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