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Target Investment:
Minimum Investment:
Open to :
Non Accredited Investors
Fees - Investor Cost:

Transaction fee of 2.85% of your total investment but will not exceed $37.25

Platform Status:
Investing Portal Details:

Small business loans based in Western Pennsylvania. Honeycomb was created to connect businesses that are being left behind by traditional lenders with everyday investors looking for high-yield investments.


Honeycomb receives a percentage of the total amount raised for each successful campaign. Posting fee for the issuer and a small percentage-based investment fee to cover our costs to host and manage a campaign. You will have a chance to review the exact fee amount before completing your investment commitment.


Interest rates are established though Honeycomb's standardized underwriting process, taking into account such factors as historical financial performance, ownership experience, ownership financial history, personal guaranties, the value of pledged collateral, and a general assessment of business and industry risk.

They provide a dashboard to keep track of all the investments you make on their site.


George Cook Honeycomb Credit CEO

George Cook CEO Co-Founder 


Christian Bilger COO & Co-Founder

Christian Bilger - CoFounder Honeycomb


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