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Minimum Investment:
Open to :
Non Accredited Investors
Fees - Investor Cost:

fixed $10 flat and no set %

Entrepreneur Cost:

fixed $10 flat and no set %

Platform Status:
Investing Portal Details:

Revenue Share Portal in partnership with Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). They offer equity and revenue share crowdfunding solutions and provide a variety of calculators, tools and tutorials to streamline the transaction process. GrowthFountain Capital LLC is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.

GrowthFountain does not take possession of any investor funds, all committed capital would be held in the third-party FDIC insured FBO account. If a company reaches its minimum target fundraising goal, your committed capital would be transferred from the third-party FDIC insured FBO account to the company and the company would issue the purchased securities to each of the investors. If a company fails to reach its minimum target fundraising goal, all investor commitment amounts would be returned from the third-party FDIC insured FBO account, less any participation fees assessed and without any accrued interest.

The investor fee may be waived in certain circumstances and as would be expected, fees are subject to change and are always fully disclosed in the documentation related to each purchase of securities.

Founded by Kenneth Staut, they are based in NYC New York and DCU is based in Massachusetts.

Due Diligence:

Minimum as required by law.

Industries Covered

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