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Review and Rate Accredited Investing Portals

A directory for access to invest in fast growing companies with the potential for huge returns via equity, crypto, and debt. The below platforms are lowering costs while making it easier to invest in the offerings. Changing regulation and innovation will continue this trend along with open access to all. We showcase data, ratings, fees, returns, and reviews to help you select the right platform.

We offer data and analysis on the offerings from each of the platforms and just recently published an article rating the top 10 platforms for 2019 where we discuss factors to rank like returns, fees and pricing, total deals, vetting or due diligence, stability, etc.

Investor Cost


10% carried interest



2% Management Fee, 20% Carried Interest on returns up to 5x, 25% on anything above


10% Carried Interest


20% carry on 5x 25% beyond 5x returns, 2% management/year, 4% fee reserve

2% platform fee. Syndicate Investments one-time 7.5% platform fee & 10% carry