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Alternative Finance
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Latest Update April 2020: UK based team building global reports on alternative finance. The Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge in the UK produces regular reports on the alternative financial markets providing a global view. 

What Their Research Covers

It is an international interdisciplinary academic research institute the covers financial channels and instruments that emerge outside of the traditional financial system. This includes online 'marketplaces' such as equity based crowdfunding, peer-to-peer consumer/business lending, and third-party payment platforms. Alternative financial instruments that the research reviews range from private placements and alternative currencies like cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Even though the report is wide ranging from the securities they cover, we regularly reference their equity focused insights. We understand much of the data is self reported by the platforms themselves. While the breadth of securities and process to collect is not fool proof presents a challenge to report on the entire equity funding industry, it is still one of the most comprehensive sources for this analysis.

United Kingdom Equity Crowdfunding Report

Americas coverage with Global View

The core team is based in the UK but each report leverages the community of platforms, regulators, analysts, and more to build the comprehensive analysis on a regular basis.







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