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Venture Capital
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This publication had been the definitive tool for PE and VC research for decades. Pratt's had earned its position as the industry benchmark, but appears to have been bought by Thomson Reuters. I am not sure the price to value makes sense with online search tools replacing this printed book. I have not personally bought and read through it yet myself, as I use a set of lower cost online analytics providers

Searching the Thomson Reuters site for Pratt's research in its latest form has been challenging. We have yet to source a link, but have reached out to Editors for comment.  The last version we are aware of is the 2020 print edition, which you can buy from Amazon further down. 

Pratt's provides clients with access to thousands of private equity and venture capital contacts and firms, around the world. It was substantially researched and managed by a dedicated team specializing in the market. To be listed in Pratt's, analysts conducted in-depth, independent inquiries of all companies - evaluating in detail their capability, profile and scale of activity. This is supported by a breakdown of their actual investment activity within specific industries and sectors.

Whether you're looking for a GP in Georgia, or a VC in Vietnam, Pratt's has the information you seek, including:

  • Detailed profiles on over 20,000 venture, buyout and mezzanine funds, as well as their management firms
  • Contact details and short CVs for executives
  • Investments and commitments data with coverage dating back to 1969
  • Detailed profiles of portfolio companies
  • In-depth coverage of both fund performance and investment activity
  • Detailed profiles on Limited Partners and their fund commitments
  • Deep analytical data and precise industry classifications
  • Data provided by Thomson Reuters

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