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Brad Harrison
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Seedinvest offers an autoinvest fund diversifying across their portfolio. The same vetting that happens for startups on the platform apply to the fund. SeedInvest’s selection criteria does not suggest higher quality investment opportunities nor does it imply that investors will generate positive returns in investment opportunities on SeedInvest. Learn more about due diligence in the SeedInvest Academy

Prior to creating the auto invest fund they offered Scout Ventures 1a, fund ii, and Genera8tor. Scout Ventures was founded by Brad Harrison, while Ryan Feit Founded SeedInvest.


Which Startups Qualify for the Fund

Startups conducting their raise under Reg D or CF must raise at least $250K before they qualify. Those using Reg A+ must raise at least $2 million.

Fee details

2% non-refundable processing fee, up to US $300, per investment at the time each investment is made. For the Auto Invest program, all fees are taken up-front based on your deposit amount. These fees will not be applied until an investment is made and can be withdrawn at any time.


While you can invest as little as $200 you must fund your account with at least $1000.

White Labeling The Platform

SeedInvest has offered White-Labeling their offerings so fund managers can leverage their own branding using SeedInvest technology. One of the first firms that historically took advantage was Dave McClure's: 500 Startups Learn More & Invest now.

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Seedinvest Funds

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