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Kendrick Nguyen
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republic NoteRepublic Note

A new asset that shares profits when startups and private companies that raise with Republic later sell or go public. It is a profit-sharing token issued by Republic's core business.  Only verified accredited investors may fund and invest in this Rule 506(c) securities offering at this time. Other interested parties may indicate their interest if a future offering in which they are eligible to invest is conducted, but such offering may not happen, and no funds will be collected.

  • raising $8,000,000
  • Price per Note $0.12 with Circulation at launch* 310–370M of a total token supply of 800M
  • $100 minimum
  • Fees: Carried interest from 1% to 16% and 2% securities commission
  • Protocol: Algorand
  • They pay out a share of profits from successful exits to Republic Note holders proportional to how many tokens you own. These dividends will not start until over $2M is made "from certain revenue or a smaller amount we see fit." (that is obviously ambiguous so looking to gain a deeper understanding). 
  • Republic states liquidity as the Note is offered as a token that you will be able to trade  

Benefits of republic note

Brian at Crowdwise wrote this great post on valuing the note.

Invest in the note




Republic is offering a fund like structure to automatically invest in diversified startups on their network. The requirement for startups to qualify for the fund are those that have raised at least $150K, with over 100 investors, and have reached at least 2x their minimum fundraising goal. All startups on Republic are vetted by their diligence team. You have the power to adjust contributions and opt out of any investment you don't like. There are no stated fees and lower minimums at $20. Money will be withdrawn to invest every time a deal meets these Autopilot requirements.

AutoPilot Industries

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