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John Frankel
Fund Focus:

Fintech, AI, Robotics at Seed

Fund Type:

Thesis and Focus

They focus on seed and early-stages of company formation helping companies move from the Seed stage through to Series A and B. They look for "lightweight disruptive business models to become the low-cost player in their respective market."


  • FinTech: consumer and enterprise companies with deep software stacks that enable new functionality, efficiencies, and cost savings.
  • Artificial Intelligence: companies that drive improvements in cost or value creation that can achieve scale with capital efficiency.
  • Drones & Robotics: companies that create software solutions to augment current capabilities of existing hardware platforms tied to human-machine interaction.

John Frankel heading the New York-based firm is a founding partner.


ff Venture Capital, is known as the first fund manager to take advantage of general solicitation back in late 2013. John Frankel, stated, "We've raised the majority of our capital already for this fund without generally soliciting, but we wanted to make a principled statement here." on It did so with a blog post. email, and social media, announcing the launch of its third fund, ff Rose.

They have a syndicate on AngelList.


While this is from 2013 Terrence Yang provides some insight on fee history on Quora.

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