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Ryan Radloff CEO of Coinshares
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The team is based in London, United Kingdom led by Ryan Radloff, CEO. Global Advisors was Coinshares original company name.

All of Coinshares funds are limited to accredited investors, and more detail on the funds are available by appointment. Coinshares claims to be the largest issuer of cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Notes ETNs, and to have launched the first bitcoin (BTC) based securities.


  • 2014 Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment fund
    • (GABI)
    • The company’s first fund, launched as a hedge fund
  • 2015  Bitcoin Tracker One
    • (CXBTF, COINXBT:SS denominated in Swedish Krona, COINXBE:SS denominated in Euros)
  • 2017 Ether Tracker One
    • (CETHF, COINETH:SS Krona-denominated, COINETHE:SS Euro-denominated)
  • 2018 CoinShare Fund 1
    • Blockchain Fund of Funds with 2 sub-funds
      • ‘Active’ Fund, which “will follow an alpha-generating ongoing strategy with multiple crypto assets”
      • ‘Large Cap’ fund which “will be more a more passive and larger basket.”
  • 2019 XRP Tracker One
    • tracks the XRP/USD exchange rate, denominated in Swedish Krona while XRP Tracker Euro is denominated in Euros
    • LTC (Litecoin) Litecoin SEK and Litecoin Euro funds are denominated in Krona and Euros.

US Public Access

Coinshares had been working to create publicly-traded products, issuing them through XBT Provider AB, a Swedish-based subsidiary of the U.K. firm.

They ran into issues 9/9/2018 where the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an order seeking to suspend the trading of the Bitcoin Tracker One and Ether Tracker One exchange-traded notes. In the official order, the SEC cited a “confusion amongst market participants” based in the U.S.

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