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Jeff Fagnan and Ryan Moore
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The Accomplice team helped to fund a number of top equity funding platforms. 



Their site states they are a "seed-led" They are a leader in building community platforms and fostering entrepreneurship in the greater Boston area. Founded by Jeff Fagnan, Jon Karlen, Ryan Moore, and Chris Lynch (Karlen left the firm in 2015 and Lynch in 2017). In 2018 they built a separate fund for blockchain investments.

In 2015 the firm was broken off of Atlas Ventures, a VC firm started in 1979. They started out with the name Formerly Known as Atlas (FKA), and created the new name through a $50,000 crowdsourcing campaign. They are also responsible for building Rev,, honoring the top 20‍‍‍ female VPs and Directors in Boston tech, and the non-profit TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good). I have had a chance to attend a few TUGG events and they have helped bring Naval of AngelList to Boston to speak. 

They run one of the earliest AngelList syndicates focused on greater Boston, BOSS.

Following the success of AngelList and its Syndicates they helped to create Spearhead, a platform that helps founders become angel investors with $200K, mentorship, and the potential for up to $1M to invest.



AngelList, Carbon Black, DraftKings, Integral Ad Science, Hopper, PillPack, Veracode, and Zoopla. The full portfolio can be found on Angellist.

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