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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals and offer a dashboard to help with analysis. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages, typically Seed or Series A. We employ several methods of gathering these offerings. A primary source is public listings on the SEC EDGAR database. Search (with filters). Reach out to add or update a listing.

Investing Platform Industry Founder
StartEngine Real Estate Justin Lee - CEO

Justin Lee - CEO

Title3Funds LLC Food and Beverage Aaron Varasteh President

Aaron Varasteh President

WeFunder Technology Daniel H. Gallancy CEO and co-founder

Daniel H. Gallancy CEO and co-founder

NextSeed Sports Erin Paruszewski - Founder & President

Erin Paruszewski - Founder & President

WeFunder Sports Steven Aldrich - Chairman, Edreece Arghandiwal - Cofounder, Mike Geddes - Cofounder

Steven Aldrich - Chairman

Lindsay Barenz- President
Edreece Arghandiwal - Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Geddes - Cofounder and Chief Purpose Officer
WeFunder Food and Beverage MArtin Moresco

Martin Moresco - Co-Founder & CEO

TruCrowd Consumer Products Neil Biafore Founder

Neil Biafore, CEO

MicroVentures Transportation Denis Dancanet Chairman

Andrei Tristan Evulet CEO

Denis Dancanet Chairman 


Republic Financial Services Josh Pigford

Josh Pigford

StartEngine Food and Beverage Sedlmayr family

Steven R Sedlmayr, CEO

Republic Telecommunications Justin Clegg Founder, Clegg Ventures

Justin Clegg, President

WeFunder Financial Services Phillip Daneshyar - Founder CEO, Phil Daneshyar, Richard Fleeman, Rob Gallagher

Phillip Daneshyar - Founder CEO, Phil Daneshyar, Richard Fleeman, Rob Gallagher

Republic Manufacturing Phillip Akhzar

Phillip Akhzar, Founder

WeFunder Food and Beverage Joseph Giildenzopf, Co-Founder & CEO

Joseph Giildenzopf - Co-Founder & CEO

Republic Food and Beverage Joseph Blanch, CEO & Director

Joseph Blanch, CEO & Director

DEALMAKER SECURITIES LLC Software and Services Jeremy Frommer

Justin Maury

WeFunder Financial Services Josh Terry Founder

Josh Terry

Microventures E-Commerce Dan Yashiv - Executive Partner

Dan Yashiv - Executive Partner

NetCapital Education Juan Young

Juan Young - Principal Executive Officer

WeFunder Consumer Products Kyle Bardouche - Founder & CEO

Kyle Bardouche - Founder & CEO

StartEngine Manufacturing Anthony Franco, CEO

Anthony Franco, CEO

NetCapital Aerospace and Defense Barry S. Cohen - CEO

Barry S. Cohen - CEO,Jonathan Ball - founder, portfolio manager, trader and analyst for Intrinsic Asset, LLC. in 2012.

StartEngine Healthcare Michael Chu

Michael Chu

StartEngine Food and Beverage Matt Eau Claire

Matt Eau Claire - CEO

TruCrowd Media and Entertainment Billy Carson by Sean Fuellhart POA

Billy Carson by Sean Fuellhart POA

StartEngine Transportation Reza Khademi - CEO

Reza Khademi - CEO

WeFunder Sports  Sean C Mann CEO

Sean C Mann - CEO

StartEngine Food and Beverage Ashi Jelinek, CEO

Ashi Jelinek, CEO

StartEngine Sports Jonathan Ian Pearlman President, Director, Founder

Ronald Jeffery Arnold - Chairman

Jonathan Ian Pearlman -Founder, President

WeFunder Sports Andrea Yoch Founder CEO

Andrea Yoch Founder, CEO