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San Fancisco

United States

Next-Gen Materials for 3D Printers; What they do: MadeSolid invents next-generation materials for 3D printers... so functional real-world objects can be printed. Current products include industrial-grade plastics and 10x cheaper casting for custom metal. Planned next: metal printed electronics and dental/medical prosthetics.; Why it's a big deal: The market is growing rapidly: hobbyists get the hype but the growth is in manufacturing. If MadeSolid continues to invent and protect IP around new materials - along with the print heads and software that control them - they have a chance to create an industry standard where every 3D printer is labeled "MadeSolid compatible". The analogy is not supplying commodity "ink" but inventing new materials and processes for printing real-world objects like electronics or a hip joint.; $34000 revenue in October; $255000+ since launch; 34% average month over month revenue growth over 12 months; $35000 burn; close to profitability; 1 filed patent. 3 provisional patents. Seven more on deck.; 80% average margin; 25 years combined chemistry and materials science experience; $150000 NSF SBIR Grant awarded in Dec for metal printing

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Wefunder is stating that the round is oversubscribed. $650,200 out of the total being displayed as invested was raised previously.

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