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Genius Juice, LLC
United States

A Genius Idea!

Founder Alex had a miracle moment in the kitchen and thought to himself while holding a coconut, “What if I just blended these both together?” Bam! A genius idea was born. Now all he needed was to find the perfect coconut.

The Perfect Coconut

Alex searched far and wide for a coconut that would meet all the expectations of a premium product. In Thailand he found the sweetest, most fragrant and flavorful coconut on a farm whose workers had been perfecting them for decades. They source the coconut at its peak in taste and nutrition from the trees. This is called the ‘Nam Hom’ coconut which means ‘aromatic water’ in Thai.

Zero-Waste Mission

After the perfect coconut was sourced, the mission to use the entire coconut became a priority. Genius Juice scoops the meat out by hand and harvests the fresh water first. Next, the leftover husk is upcycled into coconut charcoal for detoxification products and generating energy.

From Palm to Palm

Genius Juice has now grown from one product to five products! The core line smoothies boast just a handful of ingredients, are organic, and do not have any gums, stabilizers or added sweeteners. Launching new in 2021 is the protein line which includes plant-based protein and adaptogens for mental focus, clarity and acuity.

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/s/ Alex Bayer



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