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We aggregate investments offered on venture funding portals and offer a dashboard to help with analysis. Most of the companies and funds offering access to their debt and equity are financing at earlier stages, typically Seed or Series A. We employ several methods of gathering these offerings. A primary source is public listings on the SEC EDGAR database. Search (with filters). Reach out to add or update a listing.

Founder Industry

Phil Goss

River Glen Cocktails

Brendan Feeley

Nightride Thermal

Mary Ellen Kramer


Ryan Dene Rottman

D R Cocktails

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick


Daniel Waterman


Steve Wolf

Lookyloo Ventures

Edmond Dilworth

Reef Grow Technology

Conor Sheehan


Justin E. Georges

Call Emmy

Arezou Zarafshan

Herbal Botanical Products

Stephen Michael McKay

Into The Multiverse

Alli Schaper

The Big Game Movie

Stephen Musumeci

Boyte Group

Jim Boyte

Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix

Christian Sargent

Nine Winters Companies

Marissa Taylor

Blind Dragon

Guy Brown

Dream City Brewing Co

Catherine Pollard

Local Hand

Michaela Flatley