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BISON is a suite of business intelligence tools for the front offices of the private markets. The offerings are trusted by fund operators, LPs, founders and investors for the market insights and performance calculations.


Cobalt for General Partners 

Designed for the front office of private fund managers, Cobalt GP helps streamline portfolio management, benchmarking, and portfolio analysis. It provides fund managers with deep insights into their portfolio that further assists with creating compelling visuals and reports. For Venture Capital firms the team explains the importance of realized loss ratio calculations and how this is an important part of managing risk and exposure to loss across the portfolio. They also suggest ways to leverage their solution to improve LP presentations for raising money for the fund. Trusted by PE firms like Avista Capital Partners and Lovell Minnick Partners.


Cobalt for Limited Partners

Designed for private market investors, Cobalt LP helps limited partners get on-demand flexible and comprehensive market analytics into their portfolios. Investors can use automated evaluation models to measure and strengthen their investment processes.

Data 360

Tracks the details of fundraising, performance, and (LP) investment allocation in the private market. BISON’s in-house research team gathers information from various sources and leverages technology to run extensive quality control checks on data collected each quarter. BISON is also the provider for Hamilton Lane's benchmark data.

Data Sources and Integration

They offer integration to solutions like Ipreo's iLevel. This allows for streamlined and consolidated portfolio data data flow between iLEVEL and Cobalt, allowing users to access powerful analytics and data visualization tools while conveniently using their native data systems. They suggest about 7-10s to implement and go live on the platform.

Success Stories


Founded in 2011, Boston Illiquid Security Offerings Network, BISON, focuses on the information asymmetry, lack of transparency and insufficient data sourcing prevalent in the private markets. They took the challenge to leverage technology and other resources to overcome these hurdles by developing fully transparent datasets to support stakeholders in the private markets.

BISON has their offices in Boston (HQ) and Gothenburg, Sweden.

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