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The process to assess the value of a company, particularly at an early stage can be challenging and costly in the long run. Startup equity investing platforms opportunities enable people from all over the world to invest in fast growing businesses. Assessing the value and risk of the investment is a difficult task and considerably more difficult if the founding team and investors are not in the same region.

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Now in a social media age, the rumors start on news feeds, move to Facebook, and within 24 hours a company that exists as little more than a sassy name on a domain name can quadruple in value and just as quickly vanish. Sometimes purely depending on who’s the big name that’s lent their reputation to it.

In 2017 an eccentric British journalist called Oobah Butler, started up one of London’s most popular restaurants. Except he didn’t, he just took some photos of food, plates of food, and began writing reviews on Yelp and other such sites under pseudonyms. Soon other posters joined in, believing they were supporting the newest and most exciting restaurant in London, in England, nay the world. Nobody wants to admit they couldn’t get reservations because this restaurant, of course, didn’t exist.

By the time Ooba came clean about his prank there a lot of red faces, but not many red bank balances. But a poorly valued startup can lead to quite the opposite. So how do you work out the value and risk in an investment when crunched for time?

Use services to help with the valuation process.  The significance of having investments verified by a third-party evaluation service has grown meaningfully over the last few years. Gaining in piece of mind accountability but also having a third-party vet critical investment decision. A critical aspect of overcoming knowledge gaps is using the advice of subject matter experts to weigh in on an investment.

Fortunately we know some people who can help. Expert friends with years of experience valuing startups. Value Analytics or AlgoValue. Try them out and you may well find yourself celebrating in the best restaurant in town. Just make sure it exists, and Oobah Butler isn’t the head chef.

Providing Transparent, Independent and Credible Valuations

These third-party valuations companies emanate from the need to provide the added value of investment transparency which ultimately boosts investor comfort tremendously. Moreover, these independent valuations also provide a considerable degree of robustness to the decision-making process by encouraging consistent analysis and ensuring constant monitoring and facilitation of the audit process.

An option to strongly consider if you are more interested in working with a premium consultancy company that will work meticulously to create deep understanding and value through a handcrafted scientific approach– value + realism + deep understanding = effective decision support –to power your company’s future innovation and design is Value Analytics & Design.

The Model

Value: accurate understanding of the value the entity, project, or asset has and will create.

Realism: decision making is multi-dimensional, complex and dynamic.

Deep understanding: the power of understanding the inner workings of human nature.


Value Analytics & Design

Value Analytics & Design provides valuation advisory services. And though the specialize in early stage, high-growth hard to value, complex structure, businesses they take on businesses and projects of all sizes, operating in any industry. As independent, third-party, valuation experts they leverage a sophisticated blend of customized research, progressive mathematics, best practices and common sense to derive each estimate for value.

“Value Analytics & Design’s mission is to facilitate effective business decisions through a unique fusion of value + realism + deep understanding.”

Value Analytics & Design offers financial modeling, strategic finance and valuation advisory services. They also help their client companies and advisors understand, in advance, the value implications complicit within the project(s) such as:

  • A proposed liquidity event, stock option grant or other transaction;
  • Intangible assets and intellectual property stratagems;
  • Operating choices whether contemplative or actual design and development;
  • Owners succession planning and wealth preservation strategies.

There are a lot of fundamental reasons why Value Analytics & Design stands out as an independent valuation company of choice. Possibly one of the most interesting explanations can be found in their approach to solving equity and value proposition problems. The company stands behind a holistic equity model that firmly embraces their intersecting habits of valuation, analytics and design which enforce, inform and nourish one another; the fecundity propagates a reciprocally beneficial ecosystem. 

As a client you can expect Value Analytics & Design to treat you with individual excellence and a design mentality. Their professional SME community is dedicated to active listening, responsiveness and out-of-the-box problem solving combined with objective and defensible best practices and tried-and-true theories and methods.

Each member of the Value Analytics & Design community can approach each value problem with superb technical capabilities and by thinking proactively and creatively they are able to challenge the status quo as appropriate. The community is made up of masters in their respective fields of expertise; they know business from having started, run, invested in and advise them.

Remaining rooted in excellence means being agile and responsive supporting client decisions and operating processes; they are more than comfortable with paradigm shifts. They are willing to precipitate change if it benefits the client’s best interests and is demanded by the situation.

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