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MassChallenge hosted an event to help startups find grants, entitled "Startups & the NSF SBIR program: Investments to fuel growth." 


Government Grants

  • Application pages
    • National Science Foundation (NSF): 15 
    • National Institute of Health: 6
  • 1-year wait for the money to come in
  • NSF protects IP
  • Focused on R&D and tech-focused innovative requirements — must have high risk where project may fail
  • They will comment on your application for the next round if you fail in this round, so address why you lost and how you are addressing the shortcomings identified
  • About 1/15 get funded
  • Choose a topic to list within
  • Meet with those who have written grants before, and those who review grants within the government organization

Businesses that get accepted, on average have:

  • 4-10 employees
  • Incorporated less than 5 years ago
  • Ability to spend $150k in 6 months

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