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September 2020


Join us to explore novel ways to invest in something new. By being a part of this event, you’ll have learning opportunities and help from experts on approaching your high-growth investments, providing more potential at success each step along your journey. It’s a great way to earn, learn, and invest all in one spot. Seize your moment as a high investor by joining our event today! discuss their paths to helping people access these previously private markets.

Expect to learn about alternative virtual Investments - looking beyond the norm at innovative online portal strategies. Our panelists will share unique strategies to structure investments in equity of startups, real estate, wine, and more. By joining us, you’re earning learning opportunities along with possibilities abound from the huge investment returns from our event.


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Panelists and what I am excited to learn more about from each


How this was Created

I have been collaborating with Brian Belley of CrowdWise and Andrew Savikas of YieldTalk for a few months now. We share a passion for the alternative investing market and decided to build this event to learn more about the investing portals and hear directly from the operators. We are paying for to offer a premium virtual experience attempting to mimic a real world conference setup with tables to network along with a panel broadcast mode.


We are currently seeking sponsors that share these passions. Contact us if interested. We look forward to seeing you there.


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