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1) Detail.

Some startup businesses use vague and confusing information to describe their product or service. Keep the information about your product short and simple. Most people prefer to read a brief, informative description about products. With the amount of advertisement everywhere, people do not like to spend a lot of their time reading huge blocks of information about products. Additionally, a few images with the product information can be very customer friendly. 

2) Risk.

A crowdfunding project with potentially large returns is an inherently risky investment. Make sure to outline the potential risks of the company with fellow partners and employees. Teamwork is everything in business. Get together with your crew and discuss all the potential solutions for the risks the company is making. Also, consider recruiting a few analysts to analyze the future of the company and brainstorm useful ideas for you. The more people you have the better, as all of them are a great resource of knowledge and ideas.

3) Format.

Having a well-designed and good-looking business plan is also important. In the modern professional world, investors are looking for fresh and exciting ideas. To avoid becoming white noise among other dense and boring business plans, CrowdClan suggests you “make yours the exception by using sections, graphics, titles, sidebars and other aesthetic devices. As well, respect the format of the business plan” (par. 4).

Complementary to great formatting, visual media is important for successful business plans. Research shows that people pay much more attention to visuals than the written text, and as a result, a whole new area is being developed among marketers, called "visual social media marketing." Consider creating an Instagram account for the company, as Instagram is perhaps the shortest and simplest way to express something important with a single image. According to Donna Moritz, a visual marketing expert, the following kinds of content generate the most shares and responses (par. 24):

- Tips
- How-tos
- Quotes
- Checklists
- Infographics

4) Projection.

Sensitivity analysis can be one of the larger issues when building financial projections. For young entrepreneurs, having a well-written and enticing business plan is vital. Crowdfunding offers greater access to capital, and by using the tips given above, the potential of finding investors can rise drastically. For prices and information on listing your startup on an equity-based crowdfunding platform, visit FundWisdom’s review of the market. We also provide top platforms on our website for beginning entrepreneurs to select from.


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