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Due Diligence - Analytics Offerings

The Boston Consulting Group teamed up with Amazon to quantify the benefits of using big data. The survey, which studied 167 companies in five sectors, examined what differentiates the leaders from the rest of the pack and explored how they gain competitive advantage from big data analytics.

The survey showed that leaders in big data generate an average of 12% more revenue than those that do not maximize their use of analytics. Leaders also have faster growth rates and a greater ability to innovate than their peers do. Leaders show significant gains in revenue-anywhere from 5% to more than 25%-when they integrate big data analytics into their organizations.

We connect you with services to meet the rising data, risk management, and security challenges in the early stage capital markets. Whether you are an individual investor, fund manager or financial advisor we look forward to working with you. Beyond the solutions below we also have a listing of detailed reports analyzing the market.

Summary Starting Monthly Price

Fund and company financial performance and analysis. CB Insights offers insights through a private company financing and angel investment database. Their core offering helps users answer strategic business questions leveraging machine intelligence to


Known for detailed deal terms and VC vitals. Gain insight from VC, PE and M&A data with the PitchBook Platform. Based in Seattle, PitchBook was founded in 2007. Find info on pre/post valuation, liquidation preference, multiple, anti-dilution


Full global coverage of company fundamentals in all international geographies with data from 50k+ global tickers on all major exchanges. Find opportunity and avoid data overload. In a single view, track how alternative datasets are trending for the


Focused on companies registered in the 22 European countries. DueDil is an online tool that combines comprehensive sources of company information to uncover business opportunities and understand risks. previously posted at £45.99 / month now they


Private company sourcing for the world’s top private equity firms. DataFox Deal Engine drives private company sourcing for investment professionals looking to deploy hundreds of billions in AUM across a variety of industries. Datafox was acquired by


Discover, prospect, and track the world’s fastest-growing companies and investors. Search companies and investors to effortlessly create actionable lists of leads. Boost your workflow and find more business opportunities. Covering Fund and Firm


Productivity Booster for Your Public Stock Research Excel based software that makes it easy to research, track and invest in primarily public financial markets We focus primarily on private market research and analysis, but as your private company


BISON is a suite of business intelligence tools for the front offices of the private markets. The offerings are trusted by fund operators, LPs, founders and investors for the market insights and performance calculations. Products Cobalt for General

HockeyStick offers a database for private equity data into with an assumed vetting process. The current audience focus are Private Equity and Venture Capital firms to be able to c reate a private data portal that only they and their members can

DATA-DRIVEN SOLUTIONS FOR VENTURE CAPITAL Ipreo provides streamlined data from portfolio companies to your firm, track KPIs and financial performance against your position in each company, generate audit-ready valuations and quarterly LP reports and