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Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to help our readers and clients source early stage alternative investments. We explore new approaches to achieve lower fees, higher returns and reduce the high level of risk of early venture investing.

Hi, I'm Brian Thopsey founder of Fund Wisdom. I write about seed stage equity investing nights and weekends, while working full time at Adobe in the Experience Cloud business. I advise Fortune 100 financial services and healthcare firms across content strategy, marketing, and analytics. I spent my early career as a software developer building and integrating SAAS technologies.

If you are like me you may work a full-time job, without access to Bloomberg terminals, or a small army of overworked Associates. and are looking for a better way to compete.

Ready to go?


We're a team of technology and financial professionals leading digital transformation in the financial services industry. We are passionate about alternative investing. If you like what you see we offer a few ways to get involved and join the community.



Fund Wisdom headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts. We can be found in co-working spaces throughout the downtown/financial district, attending local fintech events.

Boston Co-working Locations District Hall (Photo of District Hall courtesy of Gustav Hoiland of FlagShip Photo)


We are not registered investment advisors, brokers, or a bank. We do not provide legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice. We suggest a qualified professional be consulted before making financial decisions, as each person has unique needs that should be addressed. More on our Terms of Service.